Since Madison Realty Investors inception in 1998, MRI has grown substantially across both Colorado and Florida markets. Specializing in undervalued assets with infill locations in core markets, we aim to acquire multifamily buildings with immense growth opportunities. In order to obtain high returns on investments, we believe it is best to regularly “throw a shadow” onto each and every property regularly.  Interaction with tenants and investors harvests an environment for the most success.

MRI conducts itself with the highest level of integrity, a value that will not be compromised, even if tested in distressed circumstances.   We have experienced the challenges of economic downturns, and have successfully navigated through troubled times, which develops skills uncommon in the industry. 



Many assets we aim to acquire are in the $2-10 million range, a niche that has proven to be competitively advantageous. A close knit firm of professionals produces the greatest results for both investors and clients.

MRI's success is the result of hard work, an in-depth knowledge of markets, decades of experience operating properties to their fullest potential and the development of innovative strategies that create the highest possible value for real estate owners and investors. Our multi-dimensional backgrounds in acquisition, appraisal, finance, renovation, operations, dispositions, law, accounting and tax, allow us to structure transactions that work for everyone involved.

By establishing a platform of successful transactions, MRI has developed the vendor, broker, and construction management expertise necessary to successfully purchase and renovate both smaller local opportunities and larger, institutional size real estate assets.